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1st Joint Staff training 10-14 December 2017
(Modena, Italy)

The first joint staff training event was organised by Fondazione Collegio San Carlo in collaboration with Comune di Modena and held in December 2017 in Modena, Italy.    The theme of the event was Principles of Philosophy and Creative thinking
The training took place over a period of five days and focused on focuses on developing a common understanding of key principles of philosophy and creative thinking.
The training included exploring and discussing these key principles and theories and on the application of these through practical activities and exercises.
 Staff took part in several tasks in class and outside of the classroom, simulating tasks and activities that pupils would take part in to develop their understanding of philosophical topics. These included the role of the city and community, the necessity of trade and worked collaboratively to illustrate the city through their eyes.
The school visit on day 3 to Modena Est was of particular interest to the partners.  
The staff were very welcoming and allowed the group to observe class lessons, meet the children, talk to staff and ask lots of questions!  
The final day focused primarily on developing an action plan for cascading and implementing the skills, knowledge and learning experience back into the project partner countries. 

2nd Joint Staff training 16-21 April 2018
(Cluj Napoca, Romania)

The second joint staff training event was organised by ELF School, in collaboration with LEAP and The Bliss Charity School and held in April 2018 in Cluj Napoca, Romania.   
The theme of the event was Metacognition which saw the partners engaging in a series of activities over a period of five days.
During the first two days, the training included exploration and discussion around metacognition theories and strategies to explicitly embed metacognition in teaching practice.
The school visit on day three to the school was a highlight of the training where staff were able to join children in philosophical enquiry tasks. Staff and children at the school were very welcoming.
The final day focused primarily on developing an action plan for cascading and implementing the skills, knowledge and learning experience back into the project partner countries.

1st Pupils exchange 3-9 June 2018
(Northamton, UK)

In June 2018, 15 children and 6 staff joined the Bliss Charity School and LEAP in the UK for a full week of immersion into British education and culture.
Both UK partners worked collaboratively to organise activities in and out of the classroom.
On day one, children and staff from all partners took part in ice-breaker activities involving creating a visual diary and creative badge making.
On day two, 44 children from Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden and the UK joined together in the forest where they explored a number of themes based on a set of problem-solving tasks.
On day three, they took park in a full day of events at the Ironbridge Blists Hill Victorian Town Museum where they worked collaboratively to create art pieces. In teams the children explored the village and found answers to a number of problems.
Day four and five, children were immersed into the classrooms where they joined in philosophical enquiry, undertook filmmaking tasks, stone age art and worked together to create performance poetry linked to the theme of the project.
On day six, they participated in a workshop at Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon which aimed to help them develop their communication and language skills.
Evenings were packed with additional sports and art and craft activities to encourage team work and collaboration.
The week ended with an evaluation of the week with many children realising how much they had accomplished which was celebrated with the presentation of certificates of achievement.